Somekind Records was founded by Gaël Benyamin in 2003 (ex Geyster Prod).

Initially the label was the exclusive home for the artist Geyster (Gaël Benyamin & Pernilla Grönlund), but Gaël decided to expand his catalog by signing new artists.

Considering the difficulties the music industry meets nowadays and the different problems independent labels can face when putting out records on the market, it seemed obvious for us to create our own online shop so we make sure our fans from anywhere in the world can get our releases.

Sending us your demos…

We do accept demos, so if you think your music could fit in our catalogue (please spend some time listening to our releases before contacting us), then contact us using the contact form, and include in your message a link to an mp3 file or a website where we can listen to your music. We listen to all material we receive and we will always reply to your inquiries.


If you are a label and you are interested in licensing one of our artists, please use the contact form, we will get back to you ASAP. Thanks