Radio Geyster is back…but in 1977 !
After a first album I LOVE 1984 (which was already an album conceived like radio-show recorded in 1984) released in 2004 with Virgin, and 2 other albums EVERYTIME I SEE YOUR FACE (2007) and NO KIDDIN’ (2009) released with Gaël Benyamin’s own label SOMEKIND RECORDS, Geyster is back with a fourth studio album entitled RADIO GEYSTER 1977.
An album conceived just like a radio show with a DJ (DOCTOR JAM), some jingles, a news report from 1977, and of course a collection of songs deeply influenced by the 1970’s sound.
RADIO GEYSTER 1977 is a tribute to the so-called WESTCOAST music from the 70’s. WESTCOAST music is basically a mixture of pop-rock, jazz, funk & soul music genres combined with strong melodies, rich vocal harmonies, a huge presence of the Fender Rhodes electric piano, and an ultra-clean top-notch production. Initiated by artists such as STEELY DAN, THE EAGLES, PAGES, BILL LABOUNTY, Westcoast music was especially popular back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
Well, ’nuff saif, tune to RADIO GEYSTER 103.9FM THE WESTCOAST RADIO and meet you under the hot Californian sun…

Radio Geyster 1977
Produced by Gaël Benyamin for Somekind Records
(p) & © 2011 Somekind Records
Geyster - Radio Geyster 1977 (CD)
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